Three Dealership Online Marketing Schemes You Are Falling For

The three dealership online marketing schemes almost every car buyer falls for! I will expose the top three online dealership marketing schemes used to get your hard-earned money. If you are aware of these schemes, you are better equipped to make sure you get the best overall deal. Let’s get started. Dealership Online Marketing Scheme… Read More

The key to a great deal on a new car purchase or lease

When dealerships compete you win! We all know that competition drives prices down. Dealerships do everything they can to discourage you from making them compete. If you research new car prices online you’ll  quickly find it impossible to get complete information about the car you want to buy. A few of the issues I find… Read More

What’s The Value Of My Trade In and Should I Sell It On My Own?

Everyone wants to know their trade in value and whether they would be better off selling on their own. I’ll take you down a decision-making process to help you determine whether to trade in or whether to try to sell as owner. And by the end, the goal is that you begin thinking more like… Read More