The key to a great deal on a new car purchase or lease

When dealerships compete you win!

When dealerships compete, you win.

We all know that competition drives prices down. Dealerships do everything they can to discourage you from making them compete. If you research new car prices online you’ll  quickly find it impossible to get complete information about the car you want to buy.

A few of the issues I find out there leave me scratching my head…

Often dealerships might list a price online but you need to contact the dealership to get exact numbers. You’ll also frequently see a new car listed with a call to action:  “Call for price”. What’s the big secret? I have to ask. Why do we need to call for the price?

What about those advertisements for a low-priced vehicle that says—  you must finance with dealership.

What’s the price if I pay cash? What interest rate is the loan going to be? Again… questions I have.

The point is… they will give the details, when you visit their dealership.

Any information you get online is only to drive you into the  dealership. They know that if you spend the time visiting their dealership, the better chance you will buy from them without contacting another dealership. Most people don’t want to spend their time in dealerships haggling over price. So you’ll negotiate the price down and then buy.

And that’s the expectation. They knew you were going to negotiate them down, so the question remains: How much of a buffer did they put in that first number?

How will you ever know if the deal you get is good or not? We’re not just talking about the sale price of the vehicle. We’re talking about the whole deal including financing, insurance, and add-on’s you may want.

The truth is unless you contact multiple dealerships, you can not be sure you got the best deal.

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As a former car salesman, I know that if you only contact one dealership you probably paid more than you had to. The key is to contact multiple dealerships and make them compete.

When I started Your Car Buying Advocate I had multiple dealerships refuse to work with me. Even though I do not charge dealerships a penny. I work for the client; not for the dealership. Could you imagine a dealership refusing to talk with a friend or family member that was helping you purchase a vehicle?  Don’t most people like to take someone with them when car shopping? A lot of people will often bring a parent or a trusted friend to help them negotiate.

Wouldn’t you think dealerships would want a free lead? After all, they pay a tremendous amount of money on marketing and purchasing leads from sites like True car and Kelley Blue Book and many other online sources. Why are some dealerships not wanting to work with me when I am bringing them free leads? I have actually been told by dealership salesmen that if they play along with me they will lose money. Can I make them sell a vehicle for a loss? Of course not! But I believe they know that there is likely a dealership that will be willing to sell a vehicle for a small loss to increase market share. Not all of them want me in the market as a consumer advocate. They want people to continue to buy vehicles the same way they have forever.

The name of the game is visiting their dealership where you will spend hours negotiating with their sales staff and eventually make a deal because you will not have the patience to go through the same process somewhere else. This is why you can not buy a new car online with a click. Imagine how easy it would be to shop for a vehicle and how easy it would be to compare deals if you could simply shop from home with a click of the mouse.

So … will you make dealerships compete? If you contact multiple dealerships you will see a difference in price, typically thousands of dollars.


7 thoughts on “The key to a great deal on a new car purchase or lease

    1. Hi Tom, It’s a flat fee of $499. We discuss our flat fee rate and service offering in our free strategy calls to determine the best fit for our client and whether we think we are a right fit for you.

  1. Pretty sure a consumer can get the same deal and you can get them plus they would save the 499 fee you charge which is more commission then the sales person makes on a loser deal!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. To your first point regarding a consumer being able to get the same deal: You many know as a car salesman/woman, if you’re honest, the average consumer pays a lot more for their car deal that an expert. I am not only talking about the sale price but financing as well. I tell people all the time when they call me, that if they have the time, knowledge and patience they could possibly get the same deal. The problem is not everyone has the time and not everyone is comfortable dealing with the process. And… MOST people are just plain fed up with the overall car buying process and don’t want to do it. The consumer doesn’t trust the car buying experience and I don’t blame them. Lastly, to your point that you think I make more than the salesperson on a loser deal. Yes, that might be accurate; however, when I was a traditional car salesman at a dealership I made 4x my fee on a homerun deal and that’s only 25% of profit. I’m not sure why that would bother you. Do you know the costs associated with being a small business owner? It would be real easy to get rid of me. Sadly, I don’t see dealerships changing their processes any time soon and until then I will continue to provide an excellent car buying experience that saves my clients TIME, HEADACHES, and MONEY. – MIke

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