auto buying service

We deal with the hassle & haggle with dealerships because you don't want to.
Car shop anonymously and without stepping foot inside the dealership.
You don't have to sit at sales desks with pushy salesmen.
Get unbiased advice from expert car buying negotiators.
Get multiple quotes without any pressure to buy.
Have an expert advocate help you compare quotes.
Never, ever, worry about getting ripped off.
We negotiate every part of the deal, sale price, financing, warranties, and ad ons.
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We take the hassle out of selling your car private party.
We market your vehicle online and sell it private party which puts more cash in your pocket than trading in.
We field the calls from prospective buyers saving you time and headaches.
We'll schedule with you when serious buyers want to look at the vehicle.
We'll walk you through protection steps post sale to make the transaction smooth and easy.
We take the hassle out of selling private party so you can keep more money in your pocket.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Transparency is our thing. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you need send us a message.

 Are you a broker?

No, we never receive compensation from dealerships. A traditional broker is paid through the deal made and receives a commission. Your Car Buying Advocate never receives commissions and offers a flat fee that is paid outside of the car deal. We only have your best interest in mind, unlike most auto buying service providers out there. Read More.

I can negotiate my own deal. Why do I need you?

If you are an expert in negotiation and the automobile industry, you probably don’t. You don’t have to have a home inspection before you purchase a home, but most people do. Why? Because we want an expert’s opinion. Car purchases are the second largest purchase most people will make. The traditional car sales process is time-consuming and confusing. We understand we are not always the right fit but many people can save a lot of time and money if they let us Advocate for them.

How do I know if you’re going to save me money?

We will present you with deal proposals in writing. In fact, we require dealerships to provide proposals in writing so that we can provide you with financing terms, rates, the price of the vehicle, any warranties and any additional accessories you may want to add before making a decision. Our goal is to have dealerships fighting for YOUR business!

How does this save me time?

You won’t need to visit multiple dealerships, talk with multiple salesmen, and sit at sellers’ desks crunching numbers. We handle all of that for you with our auto buying service. You may only want to visit the dealership when taking delivery OR to take a test drive that we arrange for you.

Why do you charge an upfront fee?

A flat fee is only charged when you are ready to use our service to buy a vehicle. We don’t receive compensation from dealers. We spend a lot of time advocating on your behalf until you take delivery of your vehicle. Our business is successful  when we do what we say we will do.

Can you negotiate a lease?

Yes. We encourage all clients to evaluate whether leasing or buying is the best financial and lifestyle choice. We’ll help you do that.

I don’t live in Ohio where you are located, can you still help me?

Yes. We advocate for clients in all 50 states. Currently, we can only physically visit dealerships within a 40 mile radius of 44484 when our client needs us to. In most situations, neither of us needs to step foot in a dealership to make a deal, and that’s the way we prefer it!

If I qualify for a supplier discount or another pre-negotiated deal such as AAA, Costco or Credit Union, should I still consider using Your Car Buying Advocate?

Although those discounts are almost always ‘fair’ deals, they are seldom ‘great’ deals. The price of a vehicle is only one part of the car deal. There is a lot of money to be made on financing and other items. Dealerships often say there is no negotiating those types of deals; this isn’t true. As a prior salesman, I’ve witnessed folks who don’t qualify for discounts who get better deals than those who do have discounts. Don’t make comparisons based on what your neighbor paid; that’s what dealerships want you to do.

Why should I use your auto buying service?

Here are a number of reasons:

■ You don’t enjoy the traditional car buying experience. It makes your skin crawl just thinking about it.

■ You are a busy professional, business owner or just plain busy. You have enough to do.

■ You aren’t sure whether your negotiation skills are on par with that of a skilled car sales negotiator.

■ You’d like to make sure you understand all of the factors of your car deal and feel confident in your purchase.

■ You want to save time, headaches and money. These things are important to you.

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