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Confessions of a Former Car Salesman

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This is my story. How I left the car dealership to become a consumer advocate. Just the beginning...

Car Buying

Introduction As a business owner, choosing whether to lease or buy a car for your company is a decision with financial implications. Whether you’re a small business owner or managing a larger enterprise, understanding the differences between lease and buy …

Here's how to navigate zero down car leases. Determine whether a zero down payment lease is the right move for you.

Let's dive into Black Friday car sales. Is it really a good time to be a car on black friday? Let's find out.

Are you a busy professional, a CEO, manager, or business owner with a tight schedule? Time is your most valuable asset, and spending hours at car dealerships can be a drain on your productivity. Discover how a personal car shopper can become your ultimate time-saving ally.

Mike walks you through the ways to get a discount on Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram supplier price for Employee, Friends and Family or using the Tread Lightly membership.

Mike walks you through the three ways to get Ford supplier price for X-Plan or the Ford Friends and Family Discount.

Car Negotiating

When purchasing a used car, knowing its original window sticker information can provide valuable insights into its specifications, features, and original pricing. We put together various methods to easily use a window sticker lookup tool to find of a car …

The actual cash value of your car is it's worth in the market today. What will someone pay you in cash for your car tomorrow.

It's pretty common to worry about how to haggle car price. With the increase in no haggle dealerships, it's obvious people don't really like it. But maybe that's because they just don't feel confident in their haggling skills. At Your Car Buying Advocate we teach you how to haggle car prices to get yourself the best possible deal.

Consumers want to know if Dealerships Can Charge Over MSRP in 2023. MSRP is a suggested retail price. Essentially, they can charge what they want, but listen to me discuss how to get the best deal with Amy and her viewers.

This was one car dealership scam that unfortunately took me by surprise. This is a crazy story.

Knowing how to find a car invoice price or the exact MSRP of a vehicle is helpful in doing a vehicle search. In this short video, Mike walks you through finding a dealer cost, or invoice price, using NADA. Knowing this information makes it easier to do a more targeted vehicle search and for negotiating.

YCBA Updates

Monique Clark serves as a YCBA car concierge in Vero Beach, Florida. She also works with and for car buyers all over the USA.

Consumers need access to more independent car buying concierge services. We are excited to announce that we are too busy to keep up with the demand for our full car buying concierge service.

Want to know what it's like auditioning for Shark Tank? Watch our Shark Tank Audition fail video.

When we started Your Car Buying Advocate, we wanted to demonstrate authority in the car buying process. To do that we chose a crown which exemplifies power and authority. When consumers see our trademark and brand, they know we are an authority in the car buying space.

I almost gave up on my car buying consultant business, Your Car Buying Advocate Inc. There were a lot of naysayers when my car buying consultant dreams first started.​