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Hey, Vero Beach car buyers

We are delighted to have Monique serving clients in her home town, Vero Beach, as well as across the country as a YCBA franchisee! If you’re local to the area, you may have visited dealerships where Monique worked for over 20 years! Fortunately, for car buyers in all states, you can easily work with Monique to find, locate and negotiate a vehicle all from your home. Our zoom calls allow us to communicate face-to-face without having to be in the same room. Our YCBA advocates don’t need consumers to visit dealerships or meet with us in person; in fact, we discourage ever going into a dealership unless you need to test drive. Our goal is to eliminate the wasteful time spent at the dealership; those days are gone.

Monique’s knowledge of the car industry, experience in many roles and confidence makes her the premier mentor for all women, especially, who are looking to purchase a vehicle without the help of dad, boyfriend or uncle.  Monique handles the business, while you enjoy your new vehicle. 

We asked her a couple of questions so you can get to know a little more about her.

Tell us, Monique, what led you to YCBA; what's your story?

I have been in the auto industry for many years. I have worked for the dealer constantly trying to earn the business of clients. Yet with every client, I built the rapport with them, became their voice, listened to their needs, connected, and kept in touch even after the sale was completed. This made me think there has to be a better way that I can work for the client and truly always be on their side. Even being in the industry I know the feeling of being overwhelmed during the process.

So, why didn't you just start your own car concierge?

A lot of prospective franchise owners who reach out say that they’ve had this idea. They do research about how to start a car buying concierge and find us; is that what happened for you? 

Yes! I wasn’t sure where to start! I knew in this industry many aspects are needed, like: advertising and lead generating, acquiring clients, marketing, a CRM system etc. I looked into brokers but to me they were still working for dealers in a sense. When I came across YCBA it was exactly what I wanted to do. Everything was in place with a reputation already built.

We really love to hear that, because when we first started YCBA we didn’t know what to do first, second or even third. It took a lot of growing pains and misses, honestly. We had to understand fully who our customer was, how to find them and ultimately how to gain trust in an already sketchy industry. It was a struggle. We also needed to learn how to be efficient but thorough in the work to be profitable while providing an elite and personal service our customers would return to again and again.

We love that we can package this business model, support you as you grow and prevent you from going through the same stumbling blocks we experienced.

They should schedule a strategy call directly with me and we'll see if we're a good fit.

They should expect to be listened to and explained the service I offer. It's important to create appropriate expectations so there are no surprises. I want to be able to take on clients who I can bring the most value to and talking about their goals and what they want is really important. When they leave a call with me, they should either feel like I'm a trusted advocate or advised well if we are not a good fit because sometimes that is the case too.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a YCBA franchise owner, download our franchise information report.

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