Car Buying Concierge

Become an independent car buying concierge service. We are excited to announce that we are too busy to keep up with the demand for our full car buying concierge service

We have proven that there is a need for the service we provide and we will continue to serve our past customers (and referrals) but we are in the process of carving out opportunities for growth. 

It’s now time to revolutionize the car buying experience by creating a network of expert car buyers and independent car buying concierge consultants.

independent car buying concierge

We care about quality and time is a big investment. We are choosing who grows with us wisely.

Over the last three years, this adventure and the challenges with it have been worth taking because of how we have grown and the demand for the unique service we offer.

Now we want to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs and teach them exactly how to run a profitable car concierge consulting business.

Recently, when a reputable consumer advocate company called and asked if they could send car buyers in market to our concierge service, we had to say “thank you, but not yet”. Because quite frankly, we don’t have enough time to take on more clients.

And when asked who then, should they go to… we were stumped and even more encouraged by the need for more real authentic car buying experts!

This training will yield an opportunity for a select few who will be entitled to use the Your Car Buying Advocate Inc brand and help people all over the USA in the car buying process.

Not everyone who signs up to join will be selected. But if you want a chance to own your own business and you believe in what we are doing; then we want to talk to you.

Schedule a meeting to see if you are a good fit.

What are the benefits of owning an independent car buying concierge business?

This is an opportunity for you to own your own car buying concierge business.

We will teach you step by step the tactics we use to get our clients awesome deals without stepping foot inside a dealership.

Again, a select few will have the opportunity to partner this year.
Because we take the YCBA brand seriously and care so much about the customer experience, we set our standard of service high. But we also believe there are plenty of individuals who care about people and are searching for MORE in 2023!

Maybe that’s you?

Sign up to learn more.

In faith,

Mike Rumple

Founder & CEO

Why Trust Your Car Buying Advocate?

Watch this short video to find out why working with Your Car Buying Advocate makes all the sense in the world.

Do You Want To Own Your Own Business?

We want to talk to you!

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