Why My Car Buying Consultant Business Succeeded

car buying consultant business

I almost gave up on my car buying consultant business, Your Car Buying Advocate Inc.

There were a lot of naysayers when my car buying consultant dreams first started.

That’s really no surprise. There’s a distinct mindset when it comes to entrepreneurs.

Especially as a Christian, we tend to take big leaps of faith. Spectators will watch and question your decisions because they look a little dangerous to their comfortability.

And sometimes you need some of those people to reality-check you if you’re off course.

But for us, this mission was OUR COURSE. We believed in it. It was a hard road at first and I almost gave up on this car consultant business.

So here’s why we’re still here. It surely is not because of me.

If it was my decision, I would have given up in the first six months.

I had this crazy idea to quit my job and start my own business offering a service where people hired me to be their car buying advocate.
I would charge clients a fee outside the deal so I could actually have their best interest in mind.

This would work similar to a realtor, but for cars.

A car buying advocate and personal car concierge.

Yea, that was the plan, but here’s the problem.

No one knew this type of service existed, let alone why they should care. And long story short: The phone never rang.

It took my wife and I six months of working and anxiously waiting before we got our first paying client.

In that six months, I tried to give up 100 times.

Our friends weren’t even using us.

Nothing against them; they didn’t even know what I was doing.

What’s a car buying advocate anyway? What’s a personal car consultant?

Fortunately, my wife would not allow me to give up.

She would remind me of God’s promise.

I would try to convince her to let me go back to the dealership where I previously earned a consistent living.

After all, she could then quit her job and I would be the bread winner!

I tried to sell her on letting me quit – but she wasn’t buying it (and I like to think I’m a pretty good salesman).

I still remember her words, “Michael, you are not going back. Did God call you to do this?”

She would say, “Faith>Fear”. So, I kept on plowing ahead – learning to market a car buying consultant business online.

Have you seen our website? She built that.

Ever read a blog post on our site? Do you think I wrote that alone? I barely graduated high school.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a wiz with numbers but don’t ask me where the commas go.

I’m known for run-on sentences.

She did all this through three pregnancies and raising three kids and working a full time job.

She also did all this while her husband tried to give up.

God blessed me with the greatest wife.

She is better than anything I even could imagine.

Without her we would never have experienced our successes. And this little car consulting business dream would have never came to fruition, growing year after year.

What wife encourages her husband even though he doesn’t have a proven solid plan?

When I started, I just had a vision. But that vision turned into a mission which yielded a plan and a valuable service for consumers all over the USA.

We’ve created something out of nothing.

And we are seeing and experiencing the promises of God through business, an unlikely place.

I’m thankful my wife wouldn’t let me give up!

Corrie Rumple is the reason we are in business. A partner like that, is one to be honored.

In faith,

Why Trust Your Car Buying Advocate?

Watch this short video to find out why working with Your Car Buying Advocate makes all the sense in the world.

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