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Black Friday Car Sales 2023

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Are Black Friday Car Deal Discounts Real?

I did a quick Google search to see what results are popping up for people searching for Black Friday car deals. I see typical dealerships advertising Black Friday car deal incentives and pricing for Black Friday. Most dealerships are saying their sales are good the whole month of November. And that’s mostly because the dealer incentives are by the month. Nothing actually to do with Black Friday. I wasn’t surprised to see that. But I was surprised to see so-called car experts and auto advocates recommending and even encouraging car buyers to take advantage of Black Friday sales. 

Let me explain

I guess when I say I’m surprised I should clarify. Not really surprised, but more-so disappointed. I guess I should be used to this by now and adding content and getting it ranked and in front of your eyes takes a lot of work especially when the majority of the content out there is contrary to everything I know and believe the consumer should know and see.

As car buying advocates – our job is to first and foremost educate consumers. This means we tell you the real truth about all things car buying. If we tell you that Black Friday Car Deals are no better than every day car deals, that might decrease the consumer motivation to go out and buy a car. That doesn’t help us because then you won’t call us to help negotiate that car deal. 

But here’s the deal with that. I’ve learned that success in this business, especially the car business, is transparency. That’s the key. So if you don’t want to buy a car now. That’s cool with us. When you do want to buy one, you know we’re ready to help when that time comes. But we’re not going to pressure you into a car purchase because there is a month long marketing ploy for Black Friday we can tap into. 

The Smoke and Mirrors of Black Friday

Black Friday is notorious for being the epitome of retail madness, with discounts plastered everywhere you look. But is it all just a façade? Let’s unravel the reasons why Black Friday car deals might be more about marketing than actual savings.

The Illusion of Savings: General Black Friday Marketing

1. Gimmicky Discounts: Retailers and businesses use creative marketing techniques to make their discounts seem irresistible. Phrases like “50% off” or “buy one, get one free” can be enticing but may not translate to genuine savings. 

2. Bait and Switch: Some stores use bait-and-switch tactics by promoting specific products at eye-catching prices but quickly running out of stock, leaving shoppers to settle for more expensive alternatives. Dealers may use gimmicky advertisements to get you on the car lot knowing the more time spent at the dealership the more likely you’ll walk away with a new car without shopping around first.

3. Short-Lived Discounts: The deep discounts advertised for Black Friday may only apply to a handful of products, making it difficult for the average consumer to benefit from them. Car incentives may fit right into this category too. Dealer or manufacturer incentives are often advertised all together but they can rarely ever be combined. 

Financing Deals and Hidden Fees

Financing Pitfalls

 While lower interest rates are often promoted by dealerships, the fine print can reveal that these rates are only available to select customers with impeccable credit. Or as I often say, those with 4 fingers and 5 toes.

Hidden Fees

For any deal you make, you need to be aware of every single line item and fee on the buyer’s order for a new car. The way to be aware of hidden fees is by asking for the buyer’s order before you even visit the dealership. If a dealership is not offering the “Black Friday Car Deal” they advertise UNLESS you come into the dealership to claim it, then rest assured, that deal will more than likely change when you get there. There is no reason, that this day in age, a dealer cannot provider you with the buyer’s order via email or text message when you call to get pricing.

Navigating the Black Friday Car Buying Frenze

If the marketing teams manage to create a car buying frenzy for this Black Friday, I encourage you to resist. 

Stay Informed

Research the products or cars you’re interested in well in advance. This way, you’ll have a clear understanding of what constitutes a genuine discount.

Beware of Fine Print

Scrutinize the terms and conditions of any deal. Make sure you’re aware of all the details, including add on’s , dealer markups, and warranties.

Set a Practical Budget

Don’t be swayed by marketing tactics; stick to your budget and spend wisely.

Reflect on Your Needs

Evaluate whether the product or car being offered aligns with your actual needs or if you’re merely succumbing to the allure of the perceived deal. If it’s not the vehicle you set out to buy or not better than the one you set out to buy, then don’t feel pressured to buy it. Car buying should not be a shot-gun decision. This is typically a large purchase and should be treated as such. If in doubt, talk to an expert before you pull the trigger.

Like our advocates.

The Bottom Line

Black Friday car deals may seem too good to be true because, in many cases, they are. As your car buying advocate, my advice is to cut through the marketing fluff and see these deals for what they are. Genuine savings are out there, but they often require a lot of phones to dealerships, vehicle research and sometimes a lot of headache.

If your question is: 

Are Black Friday Car Deals Worth It?

The answer is that Black Friday Car Deals can be attained on any day of the week. If it’s a good deal and you need or are ready to buy the car, then go for it. But the only way to know if that is in fact a good deal is if you make dealerships compete. Dealerships do not stop practicing their sales methods on certain holidays. As consumers to more we understand about the car buying process and dealer marketing tactics the better we’ll be at buying cars. If you’re wondering whether a particular Black Friday Car Deal advertised is a real or a good deal, leave a comment below or schedule a free strategy call with one of our advocates to talk it over. 

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