Original Window Sticker Lookup Solutions

original window sticker lookup

When purchasing a used car, knowing its original window sticker information can provide valuable insights into its specifications, features, and original pricing. We put together various methods to easily use a window sticker lookup tool to find of a car using its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

What is a window sticker?

Before we dive into the methods of finding a car’s window sticker, let’s understand what it is. A window sticker, also known as a Monroney label, is a legally required label affixed to the window or windshield of a new car by the manufacturer. It contains crucial information about the vehicle, including its make, model, standard features, optional equipment, pricing, and fuel economy.

Manufacturer's Website

One of the easiest window sticker lookup options is to obtain the original window sticker directly of a car is by visiting the manufacturer’s official website. Many automakers provide online tools where you can input the VIN and retrieve the window sticker information free of charge. 

Simply navigate to the manufacturer’s website, locate the “Owners” or “Support” section, and look for the option to access vehicle resources or retrieve window stickers.

However, there are many manufacturers who simply do not provide them.

For example, you can easily use the Ford window sticker lookup tool on their site. They make it very easy.


3rd Party Sites

Several third-party websites offer window sticker lookup services by VIN. These websites compile vehicle data from various sources and provide users with access to window stickers, vehicle history reports, and other related information. 

Here are a couple we found for you. Some require a small fee:




Vehicle History Reports

Some vehicle history report providers, like Carfax and AutoCheck, include the original window sticker information as part of their reports. By purchasing a vehicle history report using the VIN, you may be able to access the window sticker details along with other valuable information about the car’s history.

Call the Dealership

If you’re unable to find the window sticker online or not willing to pay for it, you can call the dealership or car dealer where the vehicle was originally purchased. They may have access to the original window sticker in their records or be able to assist you in obtaining it from the manufacturer. Ask nicely, they should help you especially if you let them know you may be in the market for a new vehicle.

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