Should I Use a Car Buying Agent?

car buying agents

A traditional auto broker compared to a car buying agent is very different.

An auto broker may purchase a vehicle for you, then mark up the vehicle. They might even buy the vehicle at auction. Car buying brokers can locate a vehicle and help negotiate a purchase, but they will often purchase your trade in and sell it for profit.

Sometimes they will work with specific dealerships who pay them a commission. The broker will work with the dealership who offers the best commission. Typically, negotiations are on the sale price but not the finance options for the buyer.

With pay being distributed on both ends of the deal, by the dealership AND the consumer, this of course creates a conflict of interest. Brokers are unable to work in a fiduciary capacity for the consumer when paid by both sides.

Most car buying agents are different from brokers

For example, Your Car Buying Advocate, founded by Mike Rumple, a former car salesman, who was sick of the conflict of interest set out to provide a consumer advocate experience like no other.

Car buying agents and services like YCBA alleviate the conflict of interest because compensation is not accepted from anyone other than the consumer. This allows a true advocate for the car buying consumer which is a big differentiator.

In fact, you can find YCBA listed as a number one car buying service in 2021 on CarEdge.comWorking in a fiduciary capacity allows us to never waiver on our principles of loyalty, trust and obligation to serve our clients with all of the information they need to make an informed car buying decision.

The Truth About Car Buying Agents like Your Car Buying Advocate

  • We never get paid based off the price of the vehicle.
  • We never take commissions from dealerships. 
  • We always negotiate all aspects of the deal including sale price, interest rates, warranties and add ons. 
  • We never purchase a vehicle and resell for profit like an auto broker
  • We negotiate your trade in or help you market your car personal owner to get you the most bang for your buck. 
  • We truly only have your best interest in mind. 
  • We accept compensation outside of the car deal, which allows us to freely advocate on your behalf. 
  • We work for you! 

Why We Call Ourselves Car Buying Agents

There is a very specific reason we call ourselves advocates and car buying agents.
We speak on behalf of and represent our clients. We bring comfort to the car buying process. With our knowledge of the car buying process and auto industry we negotiate FOR the client.

This is an exploding concept in the auto industry and has been a long time coming need. Consumers need experts to help them make informed car buying decisions. We provide the security and safety that is rarely present during car deals. We solely work and advocate for consumers which is revolutionizing the car buying experience. Auto brokers may be helpful in some scenarios, but if you need an advocate, you’ll want to find a trusted car buying concierge service aka (car buying agent).

To help more and more consumers, we are creating a network of car buying agents that can work independently and on behalf of the consumer. If you’re looking for an expert to help you in your car buying process or you’re an expert looking to help a consumer, slip us a note so we can connect.

Why Trust Your Car Buying Advocate?

Watch this short video to find out why working with Your Car Buying Advocate makes all the sense in the world.

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  1. Hannah Head

    Hi: It is Veteran Day so you may not be available. I have down loaded your free E book so should I read that 1st and then try to buy or talk with you first. I am really feeling doubtful about everything at this point because I have been researching so long. finally the interests rates are where I want them, however the car I want is still expensive.

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