Can Dealerships Charge Over MSRP?

Mike Rumple

Mike Rumple

Former high-performing car salesman turned car-buying consumer advocate. He spends his days breaking the rules the auto industry has set for the consumer buying process. He’s got a love for God, a love for his wife, and a love for his three kids.

Consumers are Asking: Can Dealerships Charge Over MSRP?

On Amy Davis’ consumer series ASK AMY podcast, she had me on the show to discuss car buying in 2023 and car dealers who are charging over MSRP. 

Typically, Amy’s viewers and specifically local Houston consumers will send in questions about car buying and the big question on the block has been, “Can Dealerships Charge MSRP Markups?” and “Can Dealerships Charge Over MSRP?”

Here’s a breakdown of our podcast and where you can get some of the most asked about car buying related questions answered.

  • 3:44

    Why going into the dealership is the wrong way to go about negotiating car prices.
  • 7:00

    Don't negotiate car prices at the dealership.
  • 10:00

    What to say when you call a dealership.
  • 13:00

    What if they tell you one thing and then something else when you get there.
  • 15:30

    How to negotiate a car in pieces. The right way.
  • 18:00

    What customers need to know about financing
  • 21:00

    Credit application do's and don'ts
  • 24:00

    Dealerships that don't allow outside financing
  • 25:00

    How to get a better interest rate for a new car

Watch the podcast here

MSPR is the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price

The manufacturer can suggest any number they want to. And although some manufacturers have asked dealership franchisees to not mark up their vehicles, they still do it. Amy reached out to Ford, Toyota, GM, and Hyundai for a statement. You can read their statements here: Can Dealerships Charge Over MSRP – KPRC2 Investigates

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