Ford Friends and Family Discount – X-Plan (What is it and How to Get it)

The Ford Friends and Family Discount is a special supplier price Ford Motor Company calls Ford X-Plan. This is simply a pre-negotiated price set by the manufacturer. The dealership does not set this price.

To get the Ford X-Plan price you need a generated PIN or code to provide to the dealer. 

There are three ways to get the X-Plan pricing code. Watch this video and I’ll tell you about them below.

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1. FORD Friends and Family Discount

The first way to qualify for a Friends and Family Discount known as X-Plan is to have a family member or friend who works for Ford or one of their partners who can generate a code for you. Typically, they get two codes to generate per year to use or give away to a friend or family member.

2. FORD Supplier Partner Discount

The second way to qualify for X-Plan pricing is if you work for a company who has partnered with Ford. Ford Motor Company partners with thousands of companies to provide this pre-negotiated price as a perk to its employees. If you work for a company that provides the X-Plan pricing as a perk, you should qualify and be able to contact your HR or applicable department to learn how to generate the code. Ask your employer.

3. Mustang Club of America Discount

The last way to get the X-Plan Pricing is by becoming a member of Mustang Club of America. There is a charge to be a member but the savings with X-Plan pricing is worth the cost of the one time membership fee. Any membership level will get you X-Plan pricing and it begins at $25 for a year membership. You must also be a member for 90 days before using the X-Plan.  From the Mustang Club of America site it states:


Car Shopping with X-Plan Pricing

You can start your car shopping process from this site to find out what the X-Plan pricing is on certain vehicles. Enter your X-Plan Pricing code and you’ll see which vehicles qualify and what the pricing is on them.

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