how to negotiate a car deal

How to Negotiate a Car Deal Like an Expert - A Consumer Guide

One of the greatest fears and concerns of consumers is not knowing how to negotiate a car deal. They worry about getting ripped off.

Did you know you can negotiate a car deal without stepping foot in a dealership?

Yes! You can. 

 Everyone should have the opportunity to get the same deal. Your ability to negotiate against a professional salesman or dealership should not prevent you from getting a fair or more importantly, an excellent car deal.

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Find the appropriate car for your budget.

Lease or Buy?

Determine what is the best decision for you. Lease or Buy?

Dealership Communication

What's the best way to communicate with dealerships.

Fees and terms

What are all the terms and fees? How to negotiate the deal.

Mike Rumple

Author spotlight

Former car salesman, turned consumer advocate. Mike spends his days revolutionizing the car buying experience. He breaks all the rules the dealerships have set for the consumer buying process. Mike and his wife Corrie founded Your Car Buying Advocate Inc and have three kids and call Northeast Ohio home.

Readers say

I would not have attempted to search and negotiate this way without reading your materials. Thank you for helping us be better stewards of God’s resources!

Nick Dimmick

Thanks for the book Mike. I’ll try my best to make the dealerships compete for my business.

Jenn Holland