How to find a car invoice price

Find a car invoice price

Knowing how to find a car invoice price or the exact MSRP of a vehicle is helpful in doing a vehicle search. In this quick how-to video, we walk you through finding a car invoice price (or dealer cost), using JD Power. Knowing this information makes it easier to do a more targeted vehicle search as well as for power when negotiating a car deal

The only one who knows how to find a car invoice price with all accuracy, unfortunately, is the dealer. Because they're the only one with that exact number.

However, we can get pretty close.

1. The first step to finding the dealer cost for a vehicle is by going to 

2. Click on the Choose a Make button.

3. Select the Manufacturer.

4. Next, select a Year, then Model.

5. Choose a Trim. 

6. Continue to enter your zip code.  

7. Default to “New” condition and choose additional options if you want to. Select the options you know you want on the vehicle. Otherwise, it defaults to the base model. 

8. Now, click Next.

Scroll to the middle of the page just below  “What people are paying” to find the Invoice and MSRP.

This is how to find the car invoice price as well as the MSRP of the vehicle you want. 

*** Note that you did not need to enter any contact information. No emails. 

Also note that when you click on “Info and Definitions” link below MSRP, JD Power states this: “Invoice is the dealer’s cost for a vehicle from the manufacturer. Invoice price excludes dealer installed equipment and vehicle transportation fees.

car invoice price on jd power

The dealer cost of the vehicle is something only the dealer really knows. But this is pretty accurate. And... you didn't have to give out your email or phone to get it.

As you can see, it shows the MSRP and the invoice price including all the options that we selected. This is the best way to get to the invoice price.

I have two main reasons for why you should find the car invoice price and MSRP when shopping for a vehicle.

Number 1: It makes it a lot easier to search online for vehicles if you know what the exact MSRP is of the vehicle.

Number 2: It also makes it a lot easier to negotiate based on the invoice instead of off the MSRP.

You can always ask a dealer to provide the invoice price. Some will provide it, some won’t. Either way, they’ll want your information first (name, email, number).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a car invoice price?

This is the amount that the car dealership pays to the manufacturer for a vehicle.

Why is knowing the invoice price important when buying a car?

Knowing the invoice price helps to know how much profit there is in a vehicle. You can get an idea of how much room there is when negotiating with a dealership.

How can I find the invoice price for a specific car model I'm interested in?

You can watch this two minute youtube video that walks you through the steps to finding the car invoice.

Does the invoice price include options and accessories on the car?

The invoice price includes factory-installed options and accessories that are part of the manufacturer’s standard package for a specific model and trim. These can include features like a premium sound system, upgraded wheels, advanced technology packages, and more. The dealer can then add on other accessories which are NOT included in the invoice such as tinted windows or nitrogen in tires etc.

Is the invoice price the same as the dealer cost for a car?

Yes these terms can be used synonymously.

Can I negotiate a car price below the invoice price?

There’s a possibility under rare circumstances, but in the current market, this does not typically happen. A dealer would not likely need to sell a car under invoice. Don’t forget, dealerships do deserve to make a profit, they are after all a business. But, how much of a profit is up to the consumer and their ability to make dealerships compete.

Where can I find the most accurate invoice prices online?

The best and most accurate invoice price can only be determined if the dealer itself discloses the invoice to you. The dealership owner or sales manager are likely the only people who have access to the true invoice of a vehicle. However, you can get pretty close by following this youtube video tutorial.

Is the invoice price information on car buying sites like JD Power accurate?

Yes, that’s why we suggest you follow this simple youtube video that walks you through the steps to finding invoice prices.

Will all car dealers provide the invoice price if I ask for it?

You’ll just have to ask. But no, not every dealer is going to share that information but it doesn’t ever hurt to ask.

Is there a difference between the invoice price and MSRP for a car?

Yes, the invoice price is the amount that the dealer purchased the vehicle for from the manufacturer. The MSRP is the amount the manufacturer “suggests” the dealership price the vehicle sticker price at.

How much below invoice price is a good deal on a new car?

If a dealer sells a vehicle under invoice it’s likely due to some other circumstance where they must get rid of the vehicle, or it involves some manufacturer incentives or they’ve profited much more on the trade in of a vehicle. 

Can invoice prices help me figure out fair market value on a used car?

No, the fair market value is based on multiple factors such as mileage, year, condition of the vehicle, different vehicle options, geographic location etc.

What other terminology relates to invoice price in car buying?

Alternative terms that can be used to refer to the invoice price of a vehicle are:

Dealer Invoice: This is the most common synonym and is often used interchangeably with “invoice price.” It emphasizes that the price is what the dealership is invoiced by the manufacturer.

Factory Invoice: Similar to “dealer invoice,” this term emphasizes that the price is set by the factory or manufacturer.

Wholesale Price: This term highlights that the price represents the wholesale cost to the dealership or seller.

Cost Price: “Cost price” emphasizes that the invoice price is the actual cost incurred by the dealership.

Manufacturer Cost: This term explicitly states that the price represents the cost to the manufacturer.

Factory Cost: Similar to “manufacturer cost,” this term emphasizes the price’s origin at the factory.

Dealer Cost: This term indicates that the price is what the dealer is charged by the manufacturer.

Original Cost: This term highlights that the price reflects the original cost of the vehicle before any additional markup.

Invoice Amount: A straightforward way to describe the amount listed on the invoice from the manufacturer.

Remember that while these terms are often used interchangeably, they all refer to the same concept: the price at which the dealership or seller purchases the vehicle from the manufacturer before any additional expenses or markup.

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